Su Boregi

The little old Turkish ladies that populate busy show grounds, also known as the ‘Gozleme Mafia’ have another specialty… Borek.

Borek is a general name used to categorise salty pastries made with ‘yufka’ which is essentially a thicker version of phyllo pastry. The dough is rolled out using an ‘oklava’ (the Turkish version of a rolling pin). The layers are packed with various filling depending on the type of Borek.
Borek comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, textures and tastes. Each borek displays region-specific characteristics. We specialize in Su Boregi.
Su Boregi is made with boiled ‘yufka’ layers, cheese and parsley. Is it considered a delicacy and is a highly valued choice for breakfast accompanied by Turkish tea.
Note: Just like many Nations lay claim to Baklava and Borek, the many different regions of Turkey lay claim to the Su Boregi.

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